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Photo documentation software

Internal Tracking Of Material & Shipment

Photo documentation software

The Tracker4all is a software for photo documentation of all kinds of materials with mobile scanners or the smartphone. Whether packages, files, samples, machines, pallets or other.

Tracking in intralogistics


Photo documentation can be used, for example, to easily provide evidence that loading has been carried out correctly. Or the parking of the goods as well as the damage documentation can also be documented.

Every retailer is familiar with the problem that damage to packages or load carriers can no longer be traced back to the actual party responsible. The goods are sometimes loaded recklessly by the drivers and then delivered in a correspondingly poor condition. In some sectors, such as the automotive industry and the plumbing, heating and air-conditioning (HVAC) sector, contactless deliveries are almost the norm.

The goods are often delivered at night and left on the company premises. If damage is then detected in the morning, this means at least stressful phone calls and hassle – which would not be the case with photo documentation and the corresponding transport receipt.

Modern MDE devices (mobile data capture devices) have high-quality cameras that make every photo razor-sharp. A good fulltoch display also makes it possible to document any special features or damage with the photo. Alternatively, commercially available Andorid smartphones can be used for photo and transport documentation.

The MDE devices also offer the advantage that the transport sheets can be scanned directly, thus providing comprehensive proof. Especially since the data can be filled into the database immediately and the colleagues in the office can directly view and, if necessary, assign the proof and also the delivery documents. And not just when the driver has returned to the site.

Possible applications of the photo documentation are for example:

Proof of correct loading

  • Proof of delivery for parked goods
  • Proof that delivery was not possible, e.g. blocked access
  • Damage documentation for packages, load carriers and transport containers
  • Online transmission of package labels and, if applicable, load carriers
  • Transmission of comments and accompanying information for the back office

The Tracker4all solution is basically a software for the delivery of material and the ideal all-in-one solution for anyone who needs proof that the delivery has been made correctly. The Tracker4all supports you with your in-house logistics and in-house mail distribution, for example by structuring and making transparent material and parcel deliveries and outbound deliveries.

Through the innovative Tracker4all software, as well as the associated modern MDE devices, the modern solution for intra-logistics or and in-house mail distribution not only ensures an organized and structured distribution within companies, institutions or authorities, but also the necessary transparency and verifiability beyond. Whether within the company, across locations or for delivery in the B2B and B2C area.

When delivering goods and shipments, many companies and authorities now require not only error-free handover but also verifiable handover.

After the bearer has arrived at the recipient, the packages are handed over. In this process, for example, each individual shipment can be scanned from the loading and automatically debited with the loading list of open shipments. Possible incorrect deliveries are efficiently avoided by this check.

In addition to the classic delivery against signature capture, branch or depot delivery with capture of a code can also be made. Contactless deliveries with photo documentation are also possible.

Thanks to online tracking, deliveries can be tracked directly on the PC via a standard web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.). It guarantees the best transparency and customer service.

With the prevailing prices for electronic goods (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) and other important shipments, it can not only be very expensive, but also have serious consequences if something does not arrive at the recipient, not complete or damaged.

By using the Tracker4all complete solution, all shipments can be recorded and assigned via scan.

Digitale Poststelle

Greater transparency and the option of seamless package management/tracking (via track and trace) and display of all current package statuses in the standard web browser ensure that shipments reach the right place in the company (employee’s department, building or even at another location) as quickly as possible and without errors.

Employees always benefit from up-to-date information via automated e-mail notification when the status of a shipment changes. In addition, this provides the option of self-collection by the employee at the appropriate location (e.g. central goods receipt, collection point, etc.).

The goods and the load carriers can, for example, also be delivered by the company’s own vehicles within or even across locations (in the case of larger company sites). Own locations can be administered separately and nevertheless e.g. the Admins always has the total overview.

The separate modules also make it possible to assign a separate language not only to each site, but even to each individual user – even for mobile devices. This ensures maximum user-friendliness and even sites or users in different language regions can still work together with one and the same solution.

We would also be happy to adapt to your individual wishes and specifications and customize our modular solution for you to ensure maximum transparency and acceptance in your company. Feel free to contact us!

You can find further information here on the main page or simply contact us directly.

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