Shipment tracking + tracing + status | Solution for internal parcel shipment of in-house mail, material tracking and mangement with verification

Who is the Tracker4all suitable for?

Internal Tracking Of Material & Shipment

Who is the Tracker4all suitable for?

Who is the Tracker4all suitable for? This solution can be used for the tracking and tracing of all kinds of materials – whether internal dispatch, in-house mail or facility management, right up to the status tracking of samples (e.g. blood samples, water samples, soil samples, etc.), goods, goods, files, documents, machines, tools and anything else that needs to be tracked and, if necessary, moved or delivered with proof.

Here are some terms that are repeatedly associated with our solution:
Nachverfolgung und Status von Sendungen

  • Collective reception
  • Scan in stock
  • Self-collector
  • Loading
  • Delivery
  • Returns
  • Shipment tracking (Track and Trace)
  • Damage documentation
  • Create reports
  • Photo documentation and photo logs
  • Signature capture mobile on the device
  • Package movement
  • intuitive operation
  • tracking
  • automatic notification for specified conditions
  • customisable for language, terms and masks
  • expandable with further options
  • expandable for different languages
  • Management of locations / construction sites / offices / practices / etc.

In general, the Tracker4all is not only suitable for tracking parcels in internal parcel delivery, but also for laboratories, lawyers’ offices, shipping points, service providers, facility management and all companies that want to track something and need the current status (Track And Trace).

Tracker4all is highly customisable, as all menu items and terms can be changed by the customer. Whether you call it a package or a machine or a file. Simply change the terms in the language file accordingly and you will immediately be presented with a different interface, adapted to the terms you use.

The mobile client is also available for smartphones with Android. Therefore, our solution is suitable for many industries and service providers. You can download the client here in the Google Play Store. You can find further information here on the main page or simply contact us directly.