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Tracking of internal processes and work steps

Internal Tracking Of Material & Shipment

Tracking of internal processes and work steps

The tracking of internal processes in intralogistics

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The tracking of internal material movements and the tracing of internal processes is often not consistently possible in the various systems. The system locations involved often offer the option of triggering such processes or marking them as “completed”, but the path in between is not further defined.

Internal material movements often have the peculiarity of not being assigned to a customer or supplier. They are “only” internal material movements and are mostly generated automatically via other systems or via process buttons.

Material flow analysis is the recording of transport processes and sequences, as well as storage and unwanted stays of all materials in a company. The aim of this analysis is to identify weak points in the material flow and to investigate their causes. In addition, it enables the determination and allocation of material flow costs to the areas involved. Material flow is a significant cost and time-intensive factor. Therefore, material flow analysis is also given high strategic importance.

Internal transactions are usually used to record internal material movements, for example in the case of unexpected material returns from production. As an example can be mentioned:

  • Material return: Material is added to the warehouse
  • Material withdrawal: Material is withdrawn from the warehouse

But what happens to the material after removal until it reaches its destination? What steps follow and how are they documented? To ensure that the tracking of work steps in the company for deliveries of materials, parcels, letters, spare parts, files and other goods does not descend into chaos, we offer a flexible complete solution for company-wide internal tracking: Tracker4all.

Both an equipment of professional barcode scanners with the Tracker4all app, as well as the use of the app on an Android smartphone is possible.

The interaction of the app with the Tracker4all software automates the work steps from delivery and acceptance to pickup or delivery and distribution to the respective recipients.

For example, when a supplier arrives at the goods receiving department in the morning and delivers sometimes hundreds of shipments and materials, a quick sorting of all incoming materials begins.

The incoming goods can then be easily recorded sorted or unsorted with the help of the Tracker4all app. The “fast capture” capture mode enables the booking in of over 2000 shipments per hour.

This makes it very easy for employees in the central goods receiving department to quickly and accurately record entire consignments from suppliers.

Rückverfolgung von Material

Once all shipments have been entered with the help of the barcode scanners, employees can start assigning them to the appropriate recipients or areas and departments. This also works conveniently and quickly with the barcode scanners: scan the shipment code, select the recipient and you’re done.

As soon as the recipient’s e-mail address is stored in the master data, a corresponding e-mail can also be sent automatically, advising of the shipment or material.

Of course, the e-mails can also contain other automated information, such as announcements of delivery, a request for pickup at the goods receiving department, etc. When picking up or handing over the material, the receipt can be confirmed by a signature and with names in clear writing on the barcode scanner or smartphone.

If shipments are to be prepared for further transport to other parts of the company or to another location, they can be booked to a special storage location or room. All this is of course traceable as an overview in the dashboard or in detail with specification of time stamp and user.

Booking to so-called means of transport (colli, mesh box, trolley, container, car, railroad wagon, etc.) is also possible quickly and easily.

These collective bookings can then be completely rebooked with just one barcode scan. Here, too, the separate rebooking of what could be hundreds of individual shipments is eliminated by a single scan. Upon arrival at the destination, the shipments can then be debited from the means of transport again and delivered. The debiting can of course also be carried out in the meantime, provided that the means of transport has not been blocked for this purpose (optional blocking for secure handover at destination).
Digitale Poststelle

All recorded materials and shipments are stored in a central database and can be viewed and also edited at any time in Tracker4all. For this purpose, all processing steps are recorded as status with date and time. This builds up a transparent history with which each individual step can be tracked at any time.

Tracker4all is available as a hosted solution in the cloud in a German data center or on the company’s own computer in the corporate network. Both solutions thus offer maximum security.

Relieve your employees by using the Tracker4all complete solution and make processes transparent in the company.

Simplify and digitalize the goods receiving or in-house mailroom and benefit from more transparency for all employees in your company.

Feel free to contact us and test the system for yourself today! You can find more information here on the main page or simply contact us directly.

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