Shipment tracking + tracing + status | Solution for internal parcel shipment of in-house mail, material tracking and mangement with verification

Tracker4all as a low-cost tracking solution

Internal Tracking Of Material & Shipment

Tracker4all as a low-cost tracking solution

The Tracker4all solution is the low-cost solution for internal shipment tracking due to its modular structure and helps e.g. the internal dispatch points such as the in-house mailroom and, if applicable, the intermediate warehouses. It regulates the acceptance, administration, provision or internal delivery and distribution to the respective recipients or departments.

Nachverfolgung von Sendungen - intern / extern

Many companies, authorities and institutes have a central receiving point for incoming consignments that do not belong in the incoming goods department. These include, for example, parcels, letters, samples, prototypes, files, documents, demo material, sketches, drawings, templates, etc.

Cost trap “internal delivery“

According to a study by the Wall Street Journal, companies spend an average of 6 weeks a year on “search time” per employee involved. This is the same amount of time as the employees are on holiday. Multiply that by the number of employees involved in your company and you get a rough estimate of what that means in money.

These many items (sometimes hundreds or even thousands) then have to be distributed and delivered within the company via internal mail sorting and delivery. And sometimes at the same location or even across locations. This is where internal shipment tracking comes into play.


interne Sendungsverfolgung

Tracker4all was developed precisely for this in-house shipment tracking. To coordinate and document the daily flood of incoming and outgoing deliveries. And to provide the corresponding evidence quickly and transparently.

Another advantage in addition to the delivery and consignment tracking of Tracker4all is the archiving of consignments with each individual status, including date and time. Sending a message to the recipient immediately after a change in status is of course possible, as is delivery with the recording of a signature.

The advantage for the delivery staff, apart from the simple user guidance, is that all data of the delivery can be retrieved immediately after the data transfer. Furthermore, enormous time can be saved because the entry of error status and free texts can be transmitted directly to the head office, thus eliminating time-consuming telephone calls.

All this can be done on a PC, via a tablet computer, or even easier with a smartphone using the Tracker4all app. The Tracker4all app can be downloaded from our download area or from the Google Play Store. You can find more information here on the main page or simply contact us directly.