Shipment tracking + tracing + status | Solution for internal parcel shipment of in-house mail, material tracking and mangement with verification

Software for internal shipment tracking

Internal Tracking Of Material & Shipment

Software for internal shipment tracking

A software for internal shipment  tracking in Corona times is not only a so-called GAME CHANGER in extremely affected industries such as gastronomy, event management or retail, but also in other (larger) companies, which at first glance do not seem to be so affected. Internal tracking is even more important in Corona times, as online shipping has increased extremely and the number of parcels has doubled e.g. only at the post office.

All those who track an online delivery are probably often surprised that the time between delivery by the courier and parcel service (CEP) and delivery to the recipient sometimes takes the longest, or the delivery even goes missing. It is obvious that this is not only annoying for the end consumer, but also for the employees, the departments and, last but not least, represents costs for the company.

Cost trap “internal delivery”Interne Sendungsverfolgung noch wichtiger in Corona Zeiten

According to a study by the Wall Street Journal, companies spend an average of 6 weeks a year on “search time” per employee involved. This is the same amount of time as the employees are on holiday. Multiply this by the number of employees involved in your company and you will get a rough estimate of what this means in money.

Even at the software giant Microsoft, a study by Microsoft itself confirmed that about 13% of working time is needed for “searching”. But also in other companies, such as in mechanical engineering, a well-known gear manufacturer estimates the search effort per employee at about 200 hours per year! At € 40 per hour, that is about € 8,000 per year per employee in “unproductive working time”.

It doesn’t have to be!interne Sendungsverfolgung

With the innovative Tracker4all solution, everyone in the company always has an overview of where the required packages / files / consignments / tools / … are at the moment and who is working on them. In addition, you get full transparency about processing and transport times. It doesn’t matter whether the items are parcels, letters, files, samples, medicines, machines, tools or other items. Simply use it via conventional browsers and make quick bookings with your smartphone or professional barcode scanner. You can get the app in the Google Play Store.

The Tracker4all at a glance:

  • Intuitive operation from any workstation
  • Ready for use in a few hours
  • Compatible with all common barcode scanners incl. Android smartphone
  • A perfect overview of all shipments incl. search functions
  • Integrated information management in the ItemCockpit for full process transparency
  • Operation in cloud hosting or on your own IIS hardware possible
  • Highest security standard Angular-11 with ASP.NET
  • Easily configurable and extendable for additional items and individual documentation requirements as well as notification options
  • and many more features….

Would you like to find out how easy it is to save time and money throughout your company? Arrange a free Tracker4all demo right here!

You can find further information here on the main page or simply contact us directly

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