Shipment tracking + tracing + status | Solution for internal parcel shipment of in-house mail, material tracking and mangement with verification

Shipment tracking²

Internal Tracking Of Material & Shipment

The Tracker4all for shipment tracking

is the multifunctional solution for the internal tracking and management of goods, articles, files, materials, machines and shipments of all kinds.

It can be used not only as parcel registration software, but also for laboratories, lawyers’ offices, shipping points, service providers, facility management and all companies that want to track something and need the current status (track and trace).

fast| transparent | adaptableDigitalisierung der internen Poststelle

The Tracker4all is used in facility management as a package management software and in various other industries. For example, for tracking materials and goods in laboratories, test stations, at construction and civil engineering companies, service providers, law firms and other companies.

Thanks to internal shipment tracking, the solution provides an overview and transparency of internal shipping routes (e.g. in-house mail for files, documents, etc.), or e.g. also for tool and machine management.

Tracker4all optimises internal processes and ensures that delivery processes are comprehensible and clear for all employees. With the help of this solution, internal tracking or proof, e.g. of the delivery of samples, files, machines, equipment, consignments, etc., can also be transparently traced.

By using mobile barcode scanners with intuitive operation, it is possible to record goods and merchandise quickly and easily. This makes it possible for employees with little IT knowledge to work quickly and effectively.

The Tracker4all mobile client is of course also available for smartphones with Android. Therefore, this solution for tracking and tracing is suitable for many industries and service providers, as barcode scanners do not necessarily have to be used. The client can be easily downloaded onto the smartphone in the Google Play Store.

Due to its high scalability, Tracker4all is equally suitable for companies with low volumes as well as for higher shipment volumes with many thousands of shipments per month. 
This complete solution consisting of server software, database, front end and mobile barcode scanners or smartphone APP ensures that the correct goods and consignments are correctly and completely collected and delivered again. At the same time, all processes are always visible to the employees in the back office worldwide.

By recording with the help of mobile barcode scanners or an Android smartphone, you save time and thus also money. This is because faulty deliveries are ruled out in the internal shipment tracking by checking the barcodes of the individual shipments.
Error statuses such as incorrect deliveries, missing or defective consignments are recorded on mobile or stationary devices and are immediately visible after data transmission with the current status of the delivery.

Status ItemTracker

Another advantage besides the delivery and shipment tracking of the Tracker4all is the archiving of the shipments with each individual status incl. date and time. Sending a message to the recipient immediately after a change in status is of course just as possible as delivery with the recording of a signature.

For the delivery staff, the advantage, apart from the simple user guidance, is that all data of the delivery can be called up immediately after the data transfer. Furthermore, enormous time can be saved because the entry of error statuses and free texts can be transmitted directly to the head office, thus eliminating time-consuming telephone calls. This ensures absolutely secure control of the consignments from delivery to final delivery.
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