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Capture and processing of postal and merchandise consignments

Internal Tracking Of Material & Shipment

Capture and processing of postal and merchandise consignments

In times of growing parcel business, not only the number of daily parcel shipments in the private sector is increasing. Internal mail processing in companies and authorities (in-house mail, head office, etc.), which are responsible for recording and processing mail and merchandise consignments, are also struggling with this.

The challenges for all the people and departments involved are enormous. Every day, they have to ensure the smooth, fast and reliable capture and processing of mail and merchandise. In the process, they must also take responsibility for ensuring that no parcel is lost. This applies to the internal mailroom in the company as well as in public authorities, clinics and law firms. Here, too, lost items can cause a great deal of loss, or at least a great deal of annoyance for the people involved.

With the prevailing prices for electronic goods (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.), documents, medicines and other important items, it can not only be very expensive but also have serious consequences!

Digitalisierung der internen Poststelle

To prevent this from happening, many companies are increasingly relying on their own internal mailroom. This internal in-house mail distribution for parcel and goods shipments (also called in-house tracking) is a digital solution for recording parcels via barcode scanner or smartphone with the Tracker4all app.

The Tracker4all software offers everything required for the acceptance, return and distribution of parcels, including proof of delivery by means of signature capture. Tracker4all is also the right parcel management software for in-house mail distribution. The “photo documentation” module also provides an essential component for traceability and can provide special services in certain cases, for example for proof of delivery, damage or other special features.

This solution, using a standard web browser, provides a clear presentation of all registered parcels, their current status and detailed life histories of the consignments. It is thus possible to see at any time what happened to the parcel and when, when it changed its position and what its current status is.

In addition, master data can be maintained, reports generated and automated or manual e-mails sent with information about the parcel, the announcement, the collection, etc.

Optimise your internal parcel tracking and in-house mail distribution with Tracker4all. Say goodbye to error-prone, manually managed paper lists and confusing Excel tables.

To optimise the recording and processing of postal and goods consignments (e.g. parcels, letters, goods consignments) in your company, the Tracker4all in combination with a mobile barcode scanner or a smartphone with Tracker4all app is the perfect solution.

Digitale Poststelle

By using this complete solution, all shipments can be recorded and assigned via scan.

More transparency and the possibility of seamless parcel management/tracking (via track and trace) and display of all current parcel statuses in the standard web browser ensure that the consignments reach the right place in the company (employee’s department, building or at another location) as quickly as possible and without errors.

Employees always benefit from up-to-date information via the automated e-mail notification when the status of a shipment changes. In addition, there is the possibility of self-collection by the employee at the appropriate location (e.g. central goods receipt, collection point, etc.).

For example, the parcels can also be delivered by the company’s own vehicles within or even across sites (in the case of larger company premises). Own locations can be managed separately and yet the admins, for example, always have an overall view.

Due to the separate modules, it is also possible to assign a separate language not only to each location, but even to each individual user – and this also for the mobile devices. This ensures maximum user-friendliness and even locations or users in different language regions can still work together with one and the same solution.

We are also happy to adapt to your individual wishes and specifications and customise our modular solution for you to ensure maximum transparency and acceptance in your company.

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